Micro Boom Operator Simulation System [Micro-BOSS]

The Micro Boom Operator Simulation System was designed as a table top training simulator for KC-135 Boom Operators. It incorporates all of the software features and functionality of the Air National Guard Boom Operator Simulation System (BOSS) as well as the Air Education Training Command (AETC) Boom Operator Weapon System Trainer (BOWST). The Micro-BOSS utilizes selective-fidelity concepts in the hardware design to provide a realistic yet extremely cost effective training environment. Through the use of photo-realistic graphical displays, touch screens, an aural cueing system, a high definition out-the-window dislpay, and representative joystick controls, the Micro-BOSS provides the functional equivalent of a complete KC-135 boom pod station.

Training personnel can adapt the Micro-BOSS scenarios to support each Unit’s unique mission profiles, or concentrate on high interest training times from operational lessons learned. Mission preparation for air refueling profiles including the Boom Drogue Adapter (BDA) enables the aircrew to be mission ready.

Micro-BOSS Features

UAFT System

The Universal Automated Fidelity Test System has been designed to support the development and validation of simulator flight dynamic models. The system was designed from the ground up with the support of NAVAIR Aero Engineers to provide accurate and repeatable performance of standard flight test maneuvers for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The system has been designed to be easily integrated with new or existing training devices.

The UAFT system provides a single solution to the typical tasks associated with flight dynamic model development and validation. The system provides the capability to import flight test data, generate tests, and provide automatic grading of the test results, all accessed via a simple to use Graphic User Interface. With all operation accessed through the GUI, system operation has a very short learning curve.

System Features

System Description

The UAFT system typically consists of a laptop that can be connected to the host computer via a standard Ethernet interface (other configurations and interfaces are also supported). Also supplied is the Offline Analysis Package, a Windows compatible software package that allows the user to view, analyze, and save project data in a normal office environment, without using precious trainer time. The system comes with a full documentation package with User Manual and Interface Design Specification.

System Benefits

The UAFT System provides a self-contained package that provides excellent support for model development. By being independent of other software development efforts, the UAFT System can provide immediate support for flight model development. In addition, the UAFT System capabilities and flexibility provide extensive support for model debugging and tuning. All this adds up to reduced development time and lower risk.

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