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QApplications: DIScover provides a real-time interface for interacting with DIS entities


DIScover is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software application that was originally developed by QuantaDyn Corporation to support the Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Training System (AJTS) device and the Joint Terminal Control Training Rehearsal System (JTC-TRS). DIScover and associated plugins are used to interface with the nearly all components of the AJTS and JTC-TRS systems, including the Operator Station, Projection Display system, Emulated Military Equipment, the Image Generator, and the Semi Automated Forces software.

The key feature of DIScover is the plugin interface. The plugin interface provides a means to customize any system by interfacing with the DIS network either in a passive or active role. A plugin may display data or interface with an external device based on “sniffing” DIS information in a passive role, or it may insert Protocol Data Units (PDUs) onto the DIS network as an entity or modify the virtual environment in an active role. DIScover also has a plugin interface to allow creating or accessing SetData PDUs with specified Datum Identifiers.

The DIScover application software provides an extendable foundation for interfacing with a Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) network. The base DIScover application provides a real-time interface for interacting with DIS entities. DIScover provides access to the complete list of dead reckoned DIS entities, their articulated parts, attributes, the scenario environment, and various other data. This information can then be used to interact with external systems as desired.

QuantaDyn’s DIScover software suite serves as a simulation host interfacing with the IG, SAF, and emulated military equipment. DIScover is a real-time sequencer and plugin interface. It handles DIS, CIGI and dozens of other simulation component APIs to bring plug and play capability to any system.


Universal Automated Fidelity Test System (UAFT)

UAFT is a software application designed to support the development and validation of simulator flight dynamic models. UAFT was designed from the ground up with the support of NAVAIR Aero Engineers to provide accurate and repeatable performance of standard flight test maneuvers for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. UAFT is highly configurable so it can be easily integrated with new or existing training devices.

The UAFT system provides a single solution to the typical tasks associated with flight dynamic model development and validation. The system provides the capability to import flight test data, generate tests, execute tests in an automatic or manual mode, and provide automatic grading of the test results, all accessed via a simple to use Graphic User Interface. With all operation accessed through the GUI, the software is intuitive and easy to use. The software includes a detailed User Manual that describes system setup and operation.